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Car Storage Tarrifs

We offer different car storage packages to suit your needs. Please see the packages below to see what we offer.


Enquire ButtonDehumidified Car Storage Service

From £24.93 per week

Vehicle stored in CCTV protected, fully alarmed, dust free, de-humidified premises. Vehicle fully comprehensively insured on an individual basis. Vehicle wax washed, leather dried at beginning and end of car storage contract

Enquire ButtonMaintenance level 1

additional £4.50 per week

Full De-humidified car storage service plus, 30 day engine run to operating temperature, brake and clutch pedals depressed, gears engaged, all electric motors run and switches checked, battery check, and charged if necessary, fluid level check, tyre positions rotated, and overall vehicle inspection.

Enquire ButtonMaintenance level 2

additional £6.00 per week

Full De-humidified level 1car storage service, plus 60 day road test to engage all gears, utilise suspension, braking, and steering systems. E-mailed report available upon request.

Enquire ButtonShort term Car Storage – Minimun Term 3 months

From £28.99 per week

Secure de-humidified car storage. Vehicle fully comprehensively insured, wax washed, leather dried at beginning and end of car storage period.

£28.99 / wk up to 4 weeks • £25.99 / wk up to 8 weeks • £24.93 / wk thereafter.

Car Storage Prices are subject to change

I have found storing my Classic Porsche with Autovault simple and easy to arrange they gave me the peace of mind I wanted to allay my fears about leaving my car on the driveway when I’m not using it, especially during the winter months. I found it comforting to know that my car was being regularly inspected and started during these cold winter months.

Mr Bromleigh, Sidcup

I was so pleased to be able to store my Jaguar with Autovault during the recent renovations to my house and garage. It gave me great peace of mind to know that my car was safely stored away during whilst the comprehensive building works to my property were carried out.

Mr Houghton, Stevenage

I was delighted to be able to leave my car with Autovault whilst I was working abroad. Whilst I was far away from the UK I had the upmost confidence that my vehicle was being looked after professionally. It was a real pleasure to receive my car back after my buiness trip in such great condition. Thank you Autovault!

Mr Durley, London