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Car Storage

Autovault provide a range of extra car storage services at our facilities


Dehumidified Car Storage

The AutoVault car storage facilities are equipped with the latest, British-made dehumidifiers to ensure that the whole storage building is kept at a Relative Humidity (RH) of 55%. This is a crucial figure, as natural materials such as wood and leather can dry out excessively if RH is too low, while rust can form on ferrous metals above this. We believe there is no better way to store a complex and valuable prestige or classic vehicle, than in a purpose built car storage building that’s entire environment is protected and managed against the harmful effects of moisture.


CCTV Surveillance Car Storage

The covert and visible video surveillance cameras at AutoVault’s car storage facilities use sophisticated digital technology to ensure that quality images of all movements are captured whatever the light conditions. The images, date and time franked are collected on our hard drive. The car storage premises are fully alarmed, with dual circuit connection to private security contractors who guarantee very rapid response. Proximity to the county’s Police headquarters and helicopter base add reassurance.


Car Storage with Maintenance and Servicing

AutoVault offers a full vehicle care maintenance programme, with a menu of options that may be tailored to the needs of every classic, or prestige vehicle owner and commercial customer. This extra car storage programme can include:

• Periodic operation of car engines and gearboxes
• Full checking and evaluation of vehicle systems
• Cleaning and valeting
• Monitoring of vehicle condition during ongoing car storage periods.
• Checking condition of the vehicles interior.

Learn about our full range of advantages included in our maintenance packs

Extra Car Storage Services


Hand wash and leather dry


Hand wash and polish exterior


interior Valet


Hot water power wash to engine compartment


Maintenance Level 1, Per instruction


Maintenance Level 2, Per instruction


Apply hide food to leather upholstery, incl materials


Obtain / Rescind Road Tax


MOT, test charged at an applicable rate


Transportation of Client’s car in specialist covered transporter


Transportation of client’s car to Stanstead Airport


Transportation of client to Chelmsford Railway Station (if applicable)


Post storage inspection of vehicle, tyre pressures checked and adjusted as necessary, fluid levels inspected and topped up as required, materials extra, wash and leather dry.


NB. A £5.00 handling charge per vehicle movement will be applied to any vehicle leaving storage during an on-going car storage period. Unless its is accompanied by an additional vehicle service.

All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%. Autovault will insure each vehicle individually with a fully comprehensive motor trade policy up to an individual vehicle value of £100,000 after which an additional charge, as supplied by AON insurance brokers will apply.

I have found storing my Classic Porsche with Autovault simple and easy to arrange they gave me the peace of mind I wanted to allay my fears about leaving my car on the driveway when I’m not using it, especially during the winter months. I found it comforting to know that my car was being regularly inspected and started during these cold winter months.

Mr Bromleigh, Sidcup

I was so pleased to be able to store my Jaguar with Autovault during the recent renovations to my house and garage. It gave me great peace of mind to know that my car was safely stored away during whilst the comprehensive building works to my property were carried out.

Mr Houghton, Stevenage

I was delighted to be able to leave my car with Autovault whilst I was working abroad. Whilst I was far away from the UK I had the upmost confidence that my vehicle was being looked after professionally. It was a real pleasure to receive my car back after my buiness trip in such great condition. Thank you Autovault!

Mr Durley, London