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Car Storage

Cars can get damaged due to extreme weather conditions and other factors when not stored properly. The security of the car is another concern to keep in mind. If you want to ensure that your car will be kept safe, then you’ve come to the right place.

Located in a peaceful, rural countryside, Autovault is a private classic and prestige car storage facility that accommodates cars in the most ideal environment we could provide. With us, your car is protected and safe at all times!

Why Choose Us?

Custom Built Storage Facility

We’ve built our car storage facility with great level of attention to detail. All buildings are highly insulated, which provides a sealed air environment that allows us to give the perfect dehumidified car storage setting for your car. We use sensitive monitoring equipment to ensure that the relative humidity in our buildings remain below 55%. This prevents rust from forming and thus, provides the perfect environment for storing your car.

Maintenance Packages

We understand that every car owner and every vehicle has a unique need. Aside from our customized car storage buildings, we also offer a wide selection of maintenance packages while your car is with us. We can provide any preventative maintenance you need. Autovault has 2 programs that can fight most unpleasant effects of long term car storage.

Storage for a Wide Range of Vehicles

From classic cars to modern vehicles, Autovault offers the perfect storage facility for a wide selection of vehicles. Removing moisture from inside the environment of the entire building is the key to effective protection of cars. All floors are highly insulated and equipped with computer controlled industrial grade de-humidifiers to attain a relative humidity of less than 50%. Rust can form at humidity levels higher than 50% but with Autovault, you are assured that no such thing will happen.


As a car owner, you want to make sure that your car will be kept safe at all times. We have equipped our storage buildings with different security features, including intruder alarms and CCTV systems to deter any form of harm or danger to your car. Our storage buildings were built with your car’s security in mind. You are rest assured that your car will remain exactly where you left it at our storage facility. We also cover all cars on an inclusive, individual basis. All vehicles are backed by a comprehensive motor trade policy.

We have the perfect environment where you can store your car! Our car storage facilities are located only 15 minutes away from London Stansted Airport and 50 minutes away from Central London. The best thing about our car storage facilities is that we are near all major transportation links.

Whether you are using your car for business or you just love collecting these assets, you are given peace of mind when you choose to store your vehicle with Autovault!